Château du Grand-Pré, by François Niforos

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The Château du Grand-Pré, located in Vitrolles-en-Lubéron, is a significant historical monument from the 17th and 18th centuries, representing the refinement of Provençal aristocracy. Its architectural style reflects the Louis XIV era, and it was expanded and redecorated in the mid-18th century. The château is known for its exceptional interior decorations, particularly the exquisite plasterwork (gypseries) that adorn doors, walls, and ceilings, featuring scenes and allegories reflective of the period.

In recent years, the château has undergone significant restoration work under the guidance of its current owner, François Niforos, a surgeon from Lyon. These efforts have focused on bringing back the grandeur of both the château and its gardens. The gardens, designed in the traditional Provençal style, blend the formality of French gardens with the scenic staging of Italian gardens. They are being revived to showcase the art of Provençal gardening, complete with terraces leading to a grand Louis XIV basin.

The restoration aims to transform the Château du Grand-Pré into a “Collector’s Castle,” which will house a collection of exceptional 17th-century Provençal furniture and present works of artists from the south regardless of their era. This restoration allows visitors the unique opportunity to witness the revival of a historical site.