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A Unique Experience For Castle Enthusiasts and History Lovers.

Get personal insights and stories directly from the château owners.

Enjoy tours dubbed in English (from French), capturing every detail and story in your language.

Witness every intricate detail and the breathtaking beauty of each château in stunning clarity.

Discover a new château every two weeks. A continuous journey through France’s architectural marvels.

Watch from anywhere, anytime. Your global access to the exclusive world of French châteaux.

Immerse yourself in history and beauty without interruptions, unlike on YouTube.

Authentic Origins, Universally Accessible

Each tour is recorded in French, capturing the genuine essence and atmosphere of the châteaux as intended by the French-speaking owners.

  • Seamlessly Dubbed in English: We’ve carefully dubbed these tours into English, ensuring that you don’t miss a single detail of the stories and history narrated by the château owners.

Thanks to our cutting-edge AI technology, we are able to dub our videos in English while preserving the original tone and voice of the owner. This technology ensures a seamless and authentic viewing experience, bridging the language gap without losing the personal touch of each story.

Switch audio languages on the fly between English and French to suit your preference. Additionally, you have the option to enable subtitles in either language, offering further accessibility and enhancing your viewing experience.

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  • 15,000,000+ Views on YouTube: Our passion for French châteaux has captivated millions around the globe.
  • Unrivaled Collection: The largest library of French castle tours, now being brought to you in English through advanced dubbing technology.

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