Château de Digoine, by Jean-Louis Remilleux

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The Château de Digoine, located in Burgundy, has a rich history dating back to the 14th century. Originally built after the marriage of Robert Damas and Marie de Digoine in 1390, significant alterations were made in the 18th century by architect Edme Verniquet. It boasts a neogothic circular library, a private Italian-style theater (which has hosted personalities like Jacques Offenbach and Sarah Bernhardt), an impressive collection of furniture and extensive gardens, which have been recognized as a “Remarkable Garden” since 2005.

The château, which has undergone successive ownership changes, was purchased (in 2012) and fully restored by Jean-Louis Remilleux (a renowned art collector and French TV producer) and has recently hosted a successful immersive spectacle titled “1900”.