Peles Castle (Romania)

When we evoke Romania and castles, we immediately think of Bran Castle and its legend linked to Dracula.

However, this Eastern European country, a member of the European community since 2007, has other – sometimes more interesting – treasures to discover.

Peles Castle, located 135 km from Bucharest, is one of them, and its construction began in 1873 by order of Prince Charles of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (who became King Carol I of Romania in 1881).

It is the first castle in Europe to have electricity.

Once this castle is completed (1883), 2 other castles will be built on the estate: the castle of Foisor and Pelisor.

Peles will serve as a royal summer residence until the abdication of King Michael in 1947.

In the hands of Ceausescu during his 10 years of reign, it will then become (with Pelisor) a tourist place (museum) that houses more than 2,000 paintings in the 160 rooms he owns.

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