Blanc Buisson


Le Blanc Buisson is a 700-year-old historic site which makes it a rare witness, in Normandy, of the civil and military architecture of the Middle Ages. It is a cultural place that has offered many heritage events for 20 years (sounds and lights, festivals, medieval).

It is of course open to traditional visits, but also to theatrical visits and it welcomes schoolchildren on educational outings every year.

For 2 years, a new chapter in the history of Blanc Buisson has opened with a new orientation towards business tourism: a seminar room in the Orangery of the castle, accommodation at the gite la Réserve and in guest rooms, host in the keep and finally a 350 m2 room known as the Glass Palace, located in the heart of the 8 hectare park.

We also host receptions, corporate events or weddings and à la carte stays.

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